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SModern Warriors

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Release Date:2002-10-14 | Total views:
License:Vision Films

Over 80 of the world\\'s greatest MARTIAL ARTISTS including JET LI, SAMMO HUNG, RORIAN GRACIE, RICHARD NORTON, DON "THE DRAGON" WILSON, CYNTHIA ROTHROCK, TAK KUBOTO, BENNY "THE JET" URQUIDEZ, DAVID CARRADINE, MARK KERR, BAS RUTTEN, BOB WALL, JHOON RHEE, BONG SOO HAN, PETER CUNNINGHAM, BILL WALLACE, HOWARD JACKSON, JOHN NATIVIDAD and FUMIO DEMURA, demonstrate techniques and discuss philosophy in this fascinating, action-packed documentary which provides insight into the martial arts phenomenon and its ever increasing global popularity.

Modern Warriors appeals to martial arts fanatics as well as to people with limited martial arts knowledge or background. Modern Warriors addresses key martial arts issues and debates through commentary by the world\\'s top martial artists.

Issues such as the philosophical vs. the physical aspects of martial arts and which martial art offers the best self-defense techniques are debated by Jet Li, David Carradine, and numerous others.

Modern Warriors features rare footage of some of the world\\'s greatest kickboxers such as Benny "The Jet" Urquidez, Don "The Dragon" Wilson, and Bill "Sugarfoot" Wallace and experience the drama of some of their legendary fights.

The top stars of No-Holds-Barred competitions such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship including Rorian Gracie, Mark Kerr, Keith Hackney and Bas Rutten give their opinions on these events and their future prospects. See brutal footage of Bas Rutten demolishing opponents and see the stars training, analyze their techniques.

Learn about competitions such as K-1 which is trying to establish itself as a sport and which is currently the world\\'s most popular martial arts competition, selling out 65,000 seat arenas in Japan, with enormous popularity in Europe and throughout the world.

Experience the riveting action and excitement of Modern Warriors. Commentary by the world\\'s greatest international martial arts stars provides insight into their great success. A "must see" for anyone remotely interested in martial arts.

Directed by Academy and Emmy Award nominee Peter Spirer, director of the classic Miramax Films hip-hop documentary,"Rhyme & Reason."
Modern Warriors

Modern Warriors

Over 80 of the world\\'s greatest martial artists demonstrate techniques, reveal insights and discuss issues such as which fighting style might be the ultimate.

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  • Content Type Movie
  • Genre Action/Reality
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  • Length 56 mins
  • Release Date 2002-10-14
  • Language English
  • Director Peter Spirer
  • Cast Sammo Hung Kam-Bo,Jet Li,David Carradine,Cynthia Rothrock

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